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Gen3tek is excited to announce
the launch of imetalearnx

The world’s first blockchain-based children’s metaverse
game with a unique twist - a learn-to-earn concept.

Our goal is to improve the online gaming and learning
experience for young people by utilizing cutting-edge
technology such as AR/VR and AI.

iMetaLearnX is a comprehensive ecosystem that includes several key features:

iMetaLearnX  Experience Centers: 3 physical locations where children can
engage with the game and learn new skills

MetaMAP: A location-based app that helps children discover small businesses
in their area

PLANETS: An edtech metaverse where children can learn and earn rewards in
the form of $EARN tokens

DeFi Element: The ability to convert earned tokens into spendable options

Users can login daily and complete a 'mission of the day' to earn $EARN tokens.
These tokens can be used to purchase educational products and services, or
even exchanged for a slot to convert to convertible balance, which can be used
to buy products and sercices within the iMetaLearnX metaverse.

What sets imetalearnx apart from
other games and educational platforms?

Our learn-to-earn concept is unique in the gaming industry and provides
real-world benefits for children. With the increasing use of electronic
devices and the negative effects of the pandemic, it's more important
than ever to provide children with age-appropriate and engaging content.

iMetaLearnX offers families a user-friendly option for early learners that
combines fun and education in an open-world game environment.

We are collaborating with various edtech-related businesses to provide
additional resources and support for all users, ensuring their success.

iMetaLearnX is a revolutionary platform that combines the latest technology with a focus on education and real-world benefits for children.

We are excited to see how the community will embrace and grow with our learn-to-earn concept, and we look forward to being a part of the next generation of online learning and gaming experiences.

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